Industrial breweries

Provided on the turnkey basis

More than 25 years of experience in the sphere under our belt together with regular quality controls make it possible to manufacture and supply maximum efficient and reliabile brewing equipment with high degree of automation tailored to the individual needs and requirements of our customers.

Standard products of the company are following sets of brewing equipment:

  • Brewery BlonderBeer-100hl. 10000 l/day, 3000000 l of beer per year

    Productivity: beer per day: 10,000 L / per week: 60,000 L / per year: 3,000,000 L Read more…
  • ———————————————————-

  • Brewery BlonderBeer-150hl. 15000 l/day, 4500000 l of beer per year

    Productivity: beer per day: 15,000 L / per week: 90,000 L / per year: 4,500,000 L Read more…
  • ———————————————————-

  • Brewery BlonderBeer-200 hl. 20000 l/day, 6000000 l of beer per year

    Productivity: beer per day: 20,000 L / per week: 120,000 L / per year: 6,000,000 L Read more…
  • ———————————————————-

  • Brewery BlonderBeer-250 hl. 25000 l/day, 7500000 l of beer per year

    Productivity: beer per day: 25,000 L / per week: 150,000 L / per year: 7,500,000 L Read more…
  • ———————————————————-

Industrial brewery

Brewery plants «BlonderBeer» are sets of large industrial equipment for beer production in its entirety. Include: malt mill, brewhouse, fermentation and storage units, yeast propagation and collection equipment, laboratory supplies, cooling, heating (steam generator), filtration, CIP (automatic cleaning and disinfection), filling, filtration, bottling, conveyors, labeling machines, control and monitoring systems, pumps, pipelines, accessories and more.

Capacities: from 10000 to 50000 liters per day. Upscaling is possible.

Products: bottom-fermented lagers and top-fermented ales, stouts, other types of live craft beers (non-filtered beer) or filtered beer.

Terms of cooperation:

– Subsequently a performance of breweries can be increased by purchasing additional equipment.
– The price of the brewing kits includes: turn-key installation, launching, training, technology and recipes of branded beers, the first brewing.
– We can deliver high-quality raw materials.
– Terms of payment: advance payment.
– Delivery by agreement.

More detailed information about the sets of breweries, as well as the price and terms of cooperation can be obtained by sending us a request.