Brewery 20000 liters/day


Obtainable productivity of beer, including the natural loss in technology process:
per day: 20,000 l (200 hl)
per week: 120,000 l (1200 hl)
per year: 6,000,000 l (60000 hl)

fresh beer (non-filtered beer)
filtered beer

Heating of the brew kettle and boiler:
steam heating (electric or gas steam generator).


1. ROP – grinder (mill) 1 piece 1,000 kg/h
2. CEF-01.blonderbeer – filter vat (net volume: 5,000 l) 1 piece
3. CEC-01.blonderbeer – brew kettle (5,000 l) 2 pieces
4. CEW-01.blonderbeer – whirpool (hydrocyclone vessel, 5,000 l) 1 piece
5. CEK-01.blonderbeer – boiler (hot water vessel, 10,000 l) 1 piece
6. CLV-01.blonderbeer – cold water vessel (10,000 l) 1 piece
7. CKF18 (P I) – computerized central control panel of the brewhouse 1 piece
8. SN-01 – system for monitoring and adjusting the flow of wort, filtration and cooling of beer
9. Steam generator (supplied in full set with piping, automation and water treatment system) 1 set
10. АЕ-01 aeration device 1 set
11. Laboratory equipment 1 set

12. ССE-01.blonderbeer – conical (unitank) tank CCT (net volume: 25,000 l) 20 pieces
13. ССE-03.blonderbeer – service (finished beer) tank (net volume: 25,000 l) 4 pieces
14. Central temperature control panel of the unitanks and service tanks 1 piece
15. (CIP) Automatic system for washing and disinfection of brewhouse, unitanks and service tanks 1 set
16. CVD-01.blonderbeer – yeast propagation equipment 1 set
17. СV-01.blonderbeer – equipment for “dry” beer hopping / collection and storage of yeast 2 sets

18. DELLA TOFFOLA – kieselguhr filter 1 piece
19. SARTORIUS – filtration system (6 month storage period without pasteurization is guaranteed) 1 set
20. High-purity nitrogen gas production equipment 1set
21. KG-2A – automatic filling line into keg-barrels 1 set
22. Automatic bottling line in PET and glass bottles (2,000 bottles per hour (glass 0.5 l) / 1,000 bottles per hour (PET 1.0 l)) 1 set

23. OPTIMA 1 – cooling system 1 set

Breweries produced by TECHIMPEX produce all types of beer. Besides, one type of beer, depending on the proportion of malt and hops, achieves various flavors, as well as the concentration of alcohol from mild beer types containing alcohol of from 3.3-3.8% up to 4.4-5.0% to a sufficiently strong beer containing alcohol of 6-8% and for special request more.

The cost of the brewery includes recipes and brew technologies for 4 different varieties of beer:
Lager beer gold coloured, developed on the basis of the best German variety
Lager beer amber coloured, developed on the basis of the best Czech variety
Red Irish beer
Black Irish beer

NOTE: Our brewers may develop other types of beer on your demand and taste. You provide only a few bottles of beer, which is popular in the specific region of your country; our brewers will conduct analysis of the samples and create a beer close to the taste of the samples (not included in the price of the brewery). More info…

The price of the brewery includes:
– installation by trained work team of the company TECHIMPEX;
– regulation and launching the brewery at the client company;
– first brews of beer;
– recipes and brew technologies for 4 different varieties of beer;
– staff training;
– warranty service: 12 months.


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