Mini brewery 4500 l/day


Obtainable productivity of the mini brewery, including the natural loss in technology process:mini brewery Glass of Blonderbeer

beer per day: 4 500 l
beer per week: 27 000 l
beer per year: 1 350 000 l


fresh beer (non-filtered beer)
filtered beer
pasteurized beer

Heating of the brew kettle and boiler of the mini brewery:

electric heating — (standard option)
natural gas heating
steam heating

1. ROP – grinder (mill) 1 piece
2. CEF-01. blonderbeer – filter vat 1 piece
3. CEC-01. blonderbeer – brew kettle (mash tun) 2 piece
4. CEW-01. blonderbeer – whirpool (hydrocyclone vessel) 1 piece
5. CEK-01.blonderbeer – boiler (hot water vessel) 1 piece
6. CKF18 (P I) – central control panel of brewhouse 1 piece
7. SN-01 – system for monitoring and adjusting the flow of wort, filtration and cooling of beer 1 set

8. ССE-01.blonderbeer – conical (unitank) tank 27 pieces
9. ССE-03.blonderbeer – service (storage) tank 2 pieces
10. HE18(P IV) central control panel of temperature of the tanks 56 pieces
11. MS-01 – mobile station for cleaning and disinfection 1 piece
12. CVD-01 – Blonderbeer – equipment for collection and storage of yeast 1 piece

13. KGF – 01 – diatomite filter 1 piece
14. KG-02 – semiautomatic device for rinsing, washing, disinfection of keg-barrels and filling beer into keg-barrels 1 set

15. OPTIMA 1 – cooling system 1 set

16. ТА-01 – inline beer pasteurizer 1 piece
17. МВ-01 – Semi-automatic beer filling and bottling line in РЕТ or glass bottles 1 piece
18. МВ-02 – Semi-automatic closing machine for РЕТ bottles with a plastic cap or semi-automatic closing machine for glass bottles with a crown cap 1 piece

Mini breweries produced by TECHIMPEX produce all varieties and brands of beer, except non-alcoholic beer, which requires additional equipment. Besides, one variety of beer, depending on the number and proportion of malt and hops, achieves various flavours, as well as the concentration of alcohol from mild beer varieties containing alcohol of 3.3% to a sufficiently strong beer containing alcohol of 6% and for special request more.

The cost of the mini brewery includes recipes and brew technologies for 4 different varieties of beer:
Lager beer gold coloured, developed on the basis of the best German variety
Lager beer amber coloured, developed on the basis of the best Czech variety
Red Irish beer
Black Irish beer

The price of the mini brewery includes:

installation by trained work team of the company TECHIMPEX;
regulation and launching the brewing equipment set at the client company;
first 18 brews of beer;
recipes and brew technologies for 4 different varieties of beer;
staff training;
warranty service: 12 months;


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