“Prague Brewery” won at “BEER” 2020

Company, which operates microbrewery BlonderBeer, 23.10.2020 won:

three gold medals 🥇🥇🥇 and the Grand Prix 🏆

at the International Exhibition “BEER” 2020 in Sochi

Beer awards
October 23, 2020 – International beer tasting contest awards.
🍺 Zolotistoe (Golden), 🍺 Cheshskoe (Czech), 🍺 Krasnoe (Red), 🍺 Yantarnoe (Amber), 🍺 A.P.A

The main sections of the exhibition:

Beer, raw materials and equipment for brewing; equipment for processing raw materials; logistics; mini breweries; packaging, containers and labels; refrigeration equipment; raw materials, technologies and equipment for the production of soft drinks.

For more than a quarter of a century, the International Forum “BEER” in Sochi has been attracting audiences from all over the world:

  • directors of breweries;
  • heads of manufacturing enterprises;
  • suppliers, regional dealers, distributors, representatives of wholesale and retail companies.
Beer forum