Craft beer

Сost of our brewery equipment includes recipes and brew technologies for four different varieties of beer:

Breweries produced by TECHIMPEX produce all types of beer, except non-alcoholic beer, which requires additional equipment. Besides, one type of beer, depending on the proportion of malt and hops, achieves various flavors, as well as the concentration of alcohol from mild beer types containing alcohol of from 3.3-3.8% up to 4.4-5.0% to a sufficiently strong beer containing alcohol of 6-8% and for special request more

Short description of some beers, which you are able to produce with our breweries:

  • IPA (India Pale Ale) and APA (American Pale Ale) – beer with significant quantities of different types of hops. Pale malt gives hop to emerge in all its glory. The APA and IPA are two sides of the same coin. APA emphasizes the aromatic side of hops, IPA — taste that is bitterness. Two ways of hopping give such an opportunity: brewing with hops gives bitterness, infusion on dry hops – aromatics with fruit-citrus-coniferous notes.
  • Blonde Ales. Color varies from light to dark golden; beer has very good transparency and form a large dense creamy foam from white to cream color. It is characterized by malt sweetness, a mild hop flavor and a rich and spicy aroma of hops and sweet malt. Alcohol content: 6.0-7.5%.
  • American Brown Ales created by American brewers, has expressed chocolate, caramel, nut and smoked notes, which counterbalance the hop bitterness. Color from light to dark brown, transparent. Forms from small to moderate foam from cream to yellow-brown color. Alcohol content: 4.3-6.2%.
  • Stouts and Porters, for example Guinness and Murphy’s are dry Irish stouts, but you can brew something similar, but unique. Stouts draw their flavor and color from roasted barley. Porter is very similar to stout, but made from, or largely from, unroasted barley.
  • Wheat beer. One of the most commercially successful types of wheat beer is hefeweisen, served with lemon, very fresh for the summer season.
  • English Ales are very popular and have their own culture of brewing and drinking.
  • Mexican lager (type Corona) using malt, rice and corn, is classified as Premium American Lager beer. Corona is one of the top-selling beers worldwide. Our company can offer, for the additional price, recipe of the Corona type beer, which we have invented and it is possible to brew on our equipment.
  • European beers, mostly lagers are separate subject to discuss; the most famous are Belgian beers, beside Czech and German lager beers.
  • Other types.

NOTE: Our technologists-brewers for an additional fee may develop other varieties of beer on your demand and taste. It’s enough to provide a couple of bottles of beer, which is popular in a particular region of a country, after that our brewers will conduct a chemical analysis of the samples and create a beer close to the flavor of the samples.

box of Craft beer