About Techimpex s.r.o.

Company Techimpex s.r.o. was founded in 1995. Headquarter is in the Slovak town of Komárno.

Since its inception, the company operates in the market of food equipment. The main activity is production and supplying of the professional brewing equipment and the provision of whatever is required for the success of the beer business. Complete sets of craft minibreweries and industrial breweries are supplied under the trademark BLONDER BEER.

The equipment is produced in Hungary by two manufacturing plants owned by the company TECHIMPEX which have all the necessary machines and tools for the quality performance of the highest complexity of works. Brewery equipment is manufactured from German stainless steel only and equipped solely with European devices and materials. This approach combined with mandatory testing before shipment ensures reliability, absolute hygiene, maximum output.

Equipment are certified: Conformity Certificate (CE) and Quality Certificate (ISO).

The company operates its own brewery, where it produces beer for sale, develops new beers and tests innovative technical solutions.

TECHIMPEX supplies its Customers with quality brewing raw materials from Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Belgium, France and other countries: malt, yeast, hops.

Company employs experienced technologists-brewers with work experience from 18 to 45 years, highly skilled mechanical engineers, welders, electronics, electricians and fitters. Our experts manufacture the equipment, install turnkey, make first brewings and staff training in the Сustomer enterprise. Technological support, warranty service as well as expanding of beer production are provided.

If you find a possibility to visit our production to see the process of brewing equipment manufacturing, you can also chat with leading specialists, inspect products and, of course, try craft beer:-)

More than 300 breweries produced by TECHIMPEX are successfully operated all over the world: Sweden, Finland, Italy, France, Peru, Poland, South Africa, Seychelles, Portugal, Russia, Lebanon, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and in many other countries.

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